Our adult Spanish Chatbooks are highly recommended to learn Spanish today for work & play :

This was the best Spanish learning experience I ever had. The class was extremely upbeat and fun. I will continue using her guides as a reference. Thanks!”
—Tess Snyder
Woodmen of the World Insurance Agency

“As a Training Manager for a regional casino, having our Leaders understand basic conversational Spanish is critical to their success in interacting with their teams. Julie does a phenomenal job making the classes she teaches fun and interactive. I would highly recommend Julie as a competent, passionate, and enthusiastic trainer.”
—Jackie Hansen, Casino Training Manager

“As a tenured educator and facilitator I truly appreciated Julie’s ability to flexibly adapt to multiple learning styles in her training/classroom. She infuses many aspects into her curriculum, hence maximizing student results. Two years of studying Spanish was nothing compared to what I learned in two weeks time with Julie. Her philosophy works!”
—Spencer K. Terry, Private Consultant

“When learning to speak a new language, students often feel shy or intimidated when trying to put together more than a few words. Spanish Chat Company’s method of teaching Spanish makes the learning process fun and easy, so students show more confidence in pronouncing words and forming sentences. I would recommend these beneficial key words and phrases — whether for personal or business use.”
—Deb Barelos, Circulation Manager
Omaha Public Library

“Spanish Chatbook with Maestra Julia is an experience of enthusiasm for the topic. She is pragmatic, able to teach at the appropriate level and yet challenging in a polite way.”
—Dr. Charles Filipi, Professor of Surgery
Creighton University

Teachers & Kids love them too:

I highly recommend the Spanish Chatbook activities which combine lessons on language, history and culture, all wrapped up in an energetic, dynamic presentation. As a principal at a Dual Language school, I have found the Spanish Chatbook classes have helped me communicate more effectively with my students and families. The Spanish Chatbooks make learning Spanish interesting, engaging and fun!
Marjorie Schmid, Principal,
Crestridge Elementary International Studies &
Dual Language Magnet Center

“Wow who would have thought that you could teach an old dog new tricks. What a great way to learn Spanish. Thank You “
Lonnie Conley, Elementary Paraprofessional
Spanish Chatbooks are excellent books for learning the Spanish language in a classroom setting or individual study. The books contain charts of verb conjugation, pronunciation guides and fun activities. Cultural information included in the books is great for understanding Spanish-speaking people. An Answer Key is provided at the back of each book for checking yourself and giving immediate feedback. I recommend Spanish Chatbook and Spanish Chatbook 2 for anyone wanting to learn the Spanish language.”
Dona Zrust, elementary teacher

“Spanish Chatbook teaching methods are engaging and fun.”
Robin Jefferson,
OPS Head Start Administrative Assistant

In our constantly changing multi-cultural society, it is becoming more necessary to learn a second language and expand our communication abilities. Spanish Chatbooks make this learning process fun and easy. I looked forward to attending classes each week and I learned so much. I cannot wait for classes to begin again. I use what I have learned in my daily communication with Spanish–speaking children & families. Muchas Gracias.
Lyris R. Crowdy Peak, CSW, MSHS /LADC Intern
Governance & Parent Facilitator, OPS Head Start Administration

“Without a doubt, Maestra Julia was our most popular teacher at the Creighton Language Academy. Her enthusiasm radiates in the classroom and she is a joy to watch.” Debra Daly, Director Summer Sessions and Center for Professional Development Creighton University

More Happy Customers:

“Thanks for all of your support, Julie. We hired you to evaluate the “language quality” of our Spanish Customer Service calls, but without any training, you quickly picked up on the more technical aspects of the calls and provided us with a much more thorough evaluation than we bargained for. Your perception and attention to detail helped give us a big-picture look at our call skills and gave us viable suggestions as to how to improve the performance of our bilingual reps.” Dave Boone CSI Operations – Quality Assurance

“Maestra Julia made our Spanish Class for ‘Libraries’ fun, but at the same time we learned practical application of our Spanish skills that we could use every day while on the job. She asked for input from us ahead of time and during the course, so that she could design our classes and areas of study to the key words and phrases that would be the most beneficial for us. Thank you, Maestra Julia!” Deb Barelos Circulation Manager

“Julie has been a great addition to the Faculty of the Institute for the Culinary Arts at Metropolitan Community College. Her knowledge, and her gift of teaching combine to make the Spanish class exciting for our Culinary and Food Management students.” James E. (Jim) Trebbien Dean / Executive Director, Institute for the Culinary Arts Metropolitan Community College

What affected me most at each class was Maestra Julia’s wisdom and skill in working with adult learners. She provided a learning environment in which we were comfortable both as an individual learner and as a community of learners.” Many Thanks To You, Marjorie M. Brennan MS, APRN, C-NP, CPN Boys Town National Research Hospital

“Maestra Julia not only helped our employees learn Spanish, she also helped our employees understand the Spanish culture so that they could understand the needs of our customers better.” Diane Reeves Manager, Training and Development Cox Communications

“Hola! Julie is an excellent Spanish teacher fun, committed, serious and genuinely enjoys what she does. My classes at OPPD have helped me at work and in all aspects of my life.” Robert Paskevic OPPD

“Hola! I really enjoyed the medical Spanish class. It gave me more confidence to try to speak to patients, which they clearly appreciate. I’m still practicing on my own. Thank you so much.” Laurel Prestridge M.D.

“I enjoyed the practical classes Spanish classes which were geared to the needs of our Customer Service Department at OPPD.” Joy Mota OPPD Customer Service Center

“Julie’s demonstrations and added teaching “tools” made the class fun and interesting for the whole class. People were involved and interacting!!! I sas able to use and incorporate the Learnings in our clinic, and patients were pleased.” Linda Charles Boystown Pediatrics

“Julie taught a class at our company specifically to fit our needs for Conversational Spanish. The class was designed to teach our call center employees to communicate with our Spanish speaking customers. It was so practical and the class was so very enjoyable!! I am looking forward to continuing with Spanish on my own.” Thanks, Pat Tooles OPPD

“Maestra Julia’s endless reserve of energy makes learning Spanish an absolute blast for elementary aged school children. Spanish class is the highlight of the week for my son Max”. Katie Twit, Spanish faculty MCC

“Gracias por la excelente clase de español para bibliotecarios. Es bueno tener una clase que entallada para el ambiente de la biblioteca. Yo puedo usar las palabras y oraciones que apendí inmediamente ayudar los patrones que hablan español.” Cynthia Vana Omaha Public Library

“All the children here at Concordia Academy love Maestra Julia. The parents and students look forward to the after school special’s all year long. We always have a waiting list to get into Maestra Julia’s class.” Renee Steele School Secretary Concordia Academy

“Mrs. Pospishil works with our elementary kids and they love learning Spanish.” Dean Raabe Principal Concordia Academy

Spanish classes at Boystown were very helpful, great clinical focus and opportunity to practice the language. Dave Chait, MD

You are a wonderful teacher and fun to learn Spanish with. I enjoyed your class thoroughly both semesters and would do it again. Marie Heins OPPD

We appreciate all of the love and the opportunity to impact so many lives!