Spanish Chat Company

Learn Spanish Today for Work & Play!

As veteran teachers we have visited 16 different Spanish-speaking countries. We want you to experience not only the Spanish language but also nuances about the Hispanic culture. Our “Chatbooks” = conversational workbooks are designed for you to learn Spanish on your own or as a class. ¡Bienvenidos! = Welcome!

  1. Each workbook has 75-100 phrases and will take about 12-20 hours to complete.
  2. The Audio CD’s have native speakers that say the phrases and allow you time to repeat.
  3. The Musical CD is a great way for kids to learn Spanish.
  4. Online videos walk you through each page of our Chatbooks so you can learn on any device.

“This was the best Spanish learning experience I ever had. The class was extremely upbeat and fun. I will continue using her guides as a reference. Thanks!”
—Tess Snyder Woodmen of the World Insurance Agency