Culinary Spanish Chatbook restaurant Spanish workbook with CD

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Culinary Spanish Chatbook a restaurant Spanish workbook includes:

  1. Over 125 Culinary phrases
  2. Conversational role plays
  3. Flashcards, word searches
    and crossword puzzles
  4. Pronunciation guide for each
    Spanish phrase
  5. Extra grammar and vocabulary
  6. Authentic recipes
  7. Answer key
  8. A glossary with hundreds of Culinary Spanish phrases
  9. Cultural tidbits to help promote understanding
  10. Facts about Spanish-speaking countries
  11. A thousand extra culinary
    vocabulary words

Our Culinary Spanish Chatbook CD features:

  • Over 125 culinary phrases that correspond with our Culinary Spanish Chatbook
  • Conversational role plays
  • Time for you to repeat the phrases
  • Introduction to Culinary Spanish Chatbook CD/Audio
    1. Lesson 1 p. 8 Common greetings and goodbye phrases
    2. Lesson 1 p. 13 Helpful introductory phrases
    3. Lesson 1 p. 16 A conversational role play
    4. Lesson 2 p. 26 Useful restaurant lingo
    5. Lesson 2 p. 27 Phrases for connecting the front and the back of the house
    6. Lesson 2 p. 31 Servers talking with expo in the back
    7. Lesson 2 p. 32 A conversational role play
    8. Lesson 3 p. 47 A conversational role play
    9. Lesson 3 p. 48 Server communicates with buser
    10. Lesson 3 p. 57 Reset the dining room area
    11. Lesson 3 p. 60 Server requests a buser’s help
    12. Lesson 4 p. 69 Communicating with the cleaning crew
    13. Lesson 4 p. 72 Cleaning the bathroom and/ or kitchen areas
    14. Lesson 4 p. 78 Cleaning the floors
    15. Lesson 4 p. 80 A conversational role play
    16. Lesson 5 p. 95 Time for scheduling phrases
    17. Lesson 5 p. 97 Manager phrases to communicate with employees
    18. Lesson 5 p. 103 A conversational role play
    19. Lesson 6 p. 114 Kitchen/ Back of the house phrases
    20. Lesson 6 p. 119 Phrases for cooking on the line
    21. Lesson 6 p. 120 A conversational role play
    22. Lesson 7 p. 131 Back of the House- cooking on the line
    23. Lesson 7 p. 136 Baking phrases
    24. Lesson 7 p. 138 A conversational role play
    25. Lesson 8 p. 152 First Aid, safety and personal hygiene phrases
    26. Lesson 8 p. 155 Back of the house- Dishwasher
    27. Lesson 8 p. 159 A conversational role play
    28. Lesson 9 p. 174 Front of the House- Phrases for serving Hispanic customers
    29. Lesson 9 p. 176 Finishing restaurant service, Travel phrases to connect in Latin America,
    30. Lesson 9 p. 178 A conversational role play
    31. Lesson 10 p. 194 Tongue twisters – Pepe
    32. Lesson 10 p. 194 Tongue twisters – Guitarra
    33. Lesson 10 p. 194 Tongue twisters – Compadre
    34. Lesson 10 p. 194 Tongue twisters – Tristes tigres
    35. Thank you and Final credits

Finally a Culinary Spanish Chatbook restaurant Spanish workbook with CD that is relevant for chefs and managers!

Spanish lessons specifically designed for culinary professionals!

Hot plate. Re-wash this. Clear the plates. Sharp. Do you wish you could say useful Spanish phrases to communicate with your Hispanic employees? Have you always wanted to learn Spanish? Spanish Chat Company is proud to present an innovative way to quickly acquire language and culture abilities. Culinary Spanish Chatbook restaurant Spanish workbook with CD has ten interactive lessons focus on real-life culinary situations, giving you easy ways to expand your communication abilities.
Culinary Spanish Chatbook was developed by two veteran Spanish teachers to save restaurant staff both time and money giving you practical ways to:

  • Break down cultural and communication barriers
  • Quickly and accurately get your needs met
  • Efficiently converse directly with clients and employees
  • Be assured that your requests were understood

These proven culinary phrases and activities in our Culinary Spanish Chatbook restaurant Spanish workbook with CD are great tools for training classes or independent study. The lessons were designed specifically for today’s busy professionals.

Use our Culinary Spanish Chatbook CD to speak Spanish at your restaurant!

Culinary Spanish Chatbook CD guide will help you learn culinary Spanish. Learn restaurant vocabulary and pronunciation quickly and easily.

Need a native speaker to pronounce the phrases?
Wish you could practice in the car or while exercising?
Would you like to reinforce what you’ve learned?
Want to hear these Spanish words pronounced correctly?

Enjoy listening to over 100 useful restaurant phrases and conversational role plays designed specifically for culinary professionals. To improve your pronunciation and practice, purchase the Culinary Spanish Chatbook. Each time you see the Audio symbol in the book, you will be able to follow along to improve your Spanish skills. Native speakers pronounce the Spanish phrases, allow time for you to repeat them, and act out each of the conversational role plays. Listen to these 100+ phrases and typical culinary conversations while driving, working, or exercising. Pair the Culinary Spanish Chatbook restaurant Spanish workbook with CD together to maximize your learning experience!