BASIC Elementary English Chatbook is a English Workbook For Kids With CD. This does not include any online access.


  • 4 mini-books
  • 60 flashcards
  • 20 exciting games to practice
    the curriculum
  • 10 easy recipes to cook together (even in a classroom)
  • Comprehensible English kid-friendly words and phrases
  • 10 songs with an optional audio CD
  • 20 easy craft activities
  • 10 homework projects


Our Elementary English Chatbook is an English Workbook For Kids With CD

  • Do you need a curriculum for an Elementary English class?
  • Would you like to cook All-American recipes for kids?
  • Do you want some easy craft ideas?
  • Are you planning a trip around the USA?
  • Would you like to use an English workbook for children as a family?

Spanish Chat Company is proud to present a fun way for Elementary students to learn English. Ten interactive lessons focus on real-life situations making learning fun for children of all ages.
Elementary English Chatbook is an English Workbook For Kids and  was developed by Julie Jahde Pospishil, an Elementary Spanish teacher with a Master’s in Education specializing in language acquisition.

This English workbook for children has more than 100 conversational English phrases and activities that are great tools for elementary classes, private tutoring, home school curriculum, camps and after-school classes.

Elementary English Chatbook is an English Workbook For Kids With CD has lessons that were designed specifically for busy people with activities that encourage parents to learn along with their children. Start communicating in English immediately with the Elementary English Chatbook an amazing English workbook for children featuring:

  • Over 100 kid-friendly English phrases covering sports, food, birthdays, colors, clothing, family, classroom objects and more.
  • Flashcards, games, songs, crafts and recipes
  • Flags to color, and cultural trivia questions about the U.S.A.

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