Enjoy these free activities from Lesson 1 – El Alfabeto of the Elementary Spanish Chatbook

Lesson 1 includes 4 Spanish Chatshow videos, followed by 4 practice activities and finally a 5-question exam.

We recommend that you also do the written activities in Lesson 1 of the Elementary Spanish Chatbook. Click here to purchase it separately.

Lesson 1 Elementary Spanish Chatbook Activities

Scroll down to take the quiz after you have done some or all of the following practice activities.

game-vocab ¡Repítelo! = Repeat It! MOVIE IN 3 LANGUAGES
Sign Language, Spanish & English Phrases from Lesson 1 page 10
game-vocab ¡Cántalo! = Sing It! SPANISH MOVIE
SPANISH song from Lesson 1 page 11
game-vocab Sing It! ENGLISH MOVIE
ENGLISH song from Lesson 1 page 11
game-culture ¡Cocínalo! = Cook It! SPANISH MOVIE
Cooking Show Recipe from Lesson 1 page 18
game-vocabVocabulary from Lesson 1 page 10
5 ways to learn with Flashcards, matching, spelling and a test.
game-cultureMini Chatbook
Click through this Cartoon Story / Power Point of phrases for each letter of the alphabet.
Practice vocabulary words used in greetings and goodbyes.
Preview/purchase Audio Song Tracks for Elementary Spanish Chatbook.

4. Sr. Wooly

Fun yet crazy videos and songs that get stuck in your head for days

5. La Vida Loca

A great mini soap opera to learn Spanish by the BBC

6. Destinos-An Old Favorite

Destinos videos- An old soap opera created for language learners

7. Señor Jordan

Sr. Jordan is also fun!

Authentic Materials

8.FL Teach

FL TEACH Newspapers/Radio/ Museums in Spanish-speaking countries

9. Dictionary/Translations

Google Translate vs. Word Reference.com


To Learn Spanish

10. Duolingo
11.Rosetta Stone
12.Mangó- Omaha Public Library Free Language Learning with a Omaha Public Library card

Teachers customize to your curriculum

13. Quizlet + Quizlet live
14. Educaplay

Practice numbers 10-100.
game-mapMap Game
Locate the 21 Spanish-speaking countries.

Students create their own Learning

15. Chatterpix
16. Puppet Pals 2
17. Telestory
18. Green Screen by Do Ink
19. Aurasma-Augmented reality

For younger children

20. Learn Spanish by Mindsnacks
21. Literacy Center Literacy Center


22. Spanish Grammar

StudySpanish.com- Lots of activities to practice Spanish grammar concepts

23. Conjugating Verbs

Conjuguemos.com-Lots of verbs galore


Ver-Taal-More Practice


25 Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet-Traveling Tips