Spanish Chat Company is proud to present a comprehensible way for groups of adults to learn Spanish at their workplace. Save time and money while enhancing customer service. Six interactive lessons focus on real-life situations making learning about Spanish language and culture easily understood.

Our Spanish Chatbook Experience was developed by “Maestra Julia” Pospishil, a Spanish teacher with a Master’s in Education specializing in language acquisition.

This Spanish experience is designed for a group and has more than 75 conversational Spanish phrases and activities that are great tools for everyone. These lessons were designed specifically for busy people with activities that encourage everyone to communicate in Spanish starting from the first page.


ONE PERSON- Includes 1 copy of Spanish Chatbook 1 conversational workbook with CD for those that will learn individually. This option has online course access for one student.


per year


Online course access for a year for any size group of people plus copies Spanish Chatbook 1 workbook & CD. Individuals will learn at their own pace via the page by page videos and online activities.


Price varies


Online access for a year for up to 10 students, book & CD plus six personal video  one hour sessions with author Maestra Julia altogether as a group.


Price varies

All Features

List of features:

  • Spanish Chatbook 1  Conversational workbook with over 75 phrases, pronunciation guides, games, flashcards and answer key.
  • Online instructional videos (45 minutes each) going page by page through each lesson of the book.
  • Online activities with quizlets, matching, spelling, interactive maps and more
  • Online quizes to test your knowledge with a certificate after 80% correct completion
  • Cultural tidbits to help promote understanding
  • CD with all of the 75 phrases including pauses for you to repeat the information, along with conversational role plays

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Plan Features:

  • …all features from the Basic plan
  • online course access for any group of people
  • Copies of the Spanish Chatbook 1 workbook with CD

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Plan Features:

  • …all features from the Basic and Deluxe plan
  • Customized in person and/or video conferencing experiences with author Maestra Julia
  •  Price varies depending on amount of video conferencing time. Please contact us for more details

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