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Hola amazing teachers! Please use the contact form below to email me for special offers/discounts for comprehensible online participants. Bulk prices available to build your FVR libraries. Here are 8 free activities to practice the Elementary Spanish Chatbook vocabulary. The first four are videos that make great Movie talks and brain breaks.

Demo Videos


¡Repítelo! = Repeat It! MOVIE IN 3 LANGUAGES Sign Language, Spanish & English Phrases from Greetings Lesson 2


Sing It! SALUDOS SPANISH MOVIE SPANISH Saludos (Greetings) song from Lesson 2 in the Elementary Spanish Chatbook


¡Cántalo! = Sing It! ESCUELA SPANISH MOVIE SPANISH School song from Lesson 8 page 81


¡Cocínalo! = Cook It! TORTILLAS SPANISH MOVIE Tortillas Cooking Show Recipe from Lesson 1 page 18

Demo Games


Vocabulary from Lesson 3 page 30 5 ways to learn with Flashcards, matching, spelling and a test.


Mini Chatbook Click through this Cartoon Story / Power Point of the song

game-mapMap Game Locate the 21 Spanish-speaking countries using the map.


Word Search Practice Months of the Year.

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