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Field Trip and Banana Chips

Last week I took my students on a field trip of South Omaha- 24th street. We tasted banana chips (plantains) at Jacobo’s grocery store. Then we inhaled pan dulce sweet bread at Flor de Mexico bakery and then to a yummy restaurante. This field trip is in Chapter 10 of our book if you would […]

BIG EVENT! Our first Book Signing

JUNE 29th from 6-8 pm will be our first official book signing will be at the Millard Branch of the Omaha Public Libraries (132/ Center–Westwood Lane). We will teach everyone how to read in Spanish and autograph our books.  Hope you can make it.  Sign up for our newsletter to find out more information. Please […]

Surprising customer service

Spanish Chat Company LLC provides excellent customer service. Especially since we know most of our customers so far. …Someone from California emailed me…I was so amazed that he “had our book” that I quickly called his phone number. The poor guy seemed a bit astonished when I cheerfully introduced myself as the author and asked him how he got our book. He quietly replied, “I bought it from Amazon.”

100 books for my Birthday

Hola Mr. UPS guy, Thank you for the delivery of our first 100 books.  It was so fun to see our dream come true- the power of intention!   We have put in lots of hours of work and dedication and finally feel like the world can see what we have been envisioning.  Enjoyed starting  Spanish […]

Groundhog Gazette

We  have the interior layout of our book, Spanish Chat for Business and we are busy adding the page numbers to the Subject index and Table of Contents.  Spanish Chat Company, just became a LLC this past week and we are excited for the next step in the business world.  As many of you know, […]

Spanish Chat Company, LLC

After 5 years as Spanish Chat we are now incorporated into Spanish Chat Company, LLC. Our company is really growing. Thanks for such great learning experiences.

Quesadillas at the recording studio

Last week we recorded our Cd of phrases to go along with our book.   I brought in the quesadilla maker with all of the fixings much to the amazement of Curtis Grubb- recording studio owner.  He said most bands bring beer, or order pizza, but this was an unique first.  Thanks to Gonzalo and Vieva […]

From Sopapillas to blogging

Time to blog!  I have spent all morning making homemade sopapillas with Kindernook preschoolers and rehearsing Jingle bells in Spanish (Cascabeles) Now, I am ready to try this social media networking! We have finished editing our book and now it is in the hands of an amazing design team.  We hope to be able to […]