Author Visits

Nebraska author Julie Pospishil’s adventures AKA “Maestra Julia”:

-Published 5 Spanish Chatbooks, 1 English Chatbook, 10 Mini-Chatbooks (bilingual
cartoon books), 8 CD’s and over 50 Spanish Chatshow movies

-Walking the red carpet at the Latin Grammys- November 2016

-Stories about working & visiting over 30 different countries

-Try, Try Again – Bloopers, Mistakes & Editing

-A Day in the Life of an Author- Narrated by my dog Maya

Presentations can be tailored to your interests. “Learning Spanish” “Traveling in Latin America” “Publishing books and movies”
All Author visits include a free mini chatbook for your library and a book signing- Parents welcome.

To schedule author visits please contact Julie Pospishil at (402)398-1384
Learn more: All of our products including the Mini Spanish Chatbooks and/CDs are available at